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I'm Beth, the Budgeting Mum! I live with my husband and our two beautiful children in the Midlands, England. Since becoming a family, we have felt the financial pressures of trying to juggle work and childcare in a system that is some what broken! I have always enjoyed looking for the best deals and finding ways to save money but during this time in our life it has become more important than ever. Join us along our journey as we watch the pennies to protect the pounds! 


Since becoming a family, like many people, we have felt the pinch of financial stresses. My previous job before we had children was within the NHS as a Phlebotomist, I job which I enjoyed but was unable to return to due to the staggering costs of childcare. Our childcare costs would have left us £30 out of pocket PER DAY, meaning that I had no choice but to look for part time evening work instead. During this time we began to get creative in ways we could save money as a family but still give our children the live we had dreamed for them.


In July 2022 I took to TikTok and Instagram to start creating videos of money saving hacks in which had helped us and I couldn't believe the response! My page quickly gained traction and I realised that during such a difficult time with the cost of living crisis it was important for me to share ways in which I had found to live on a budget with a family and the Budgeting Mum was born! 

So if you're struggling to make ends meet while you're raising your family, follow along my blog and keep an eye on my socials for more money saving tips which might make life slightly easier. 


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