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Changes to Tesco Clubcard points

Updated: Jul 15

Important changes to Tesco Clubcard points which could see you lose out on potential savings!

For those that frequently shop at Tesco you will appreciate the perks of collecting Clubcard points. But did you know that they are changing the rules on exchanging these Clubcard points from 14 June 2023. Instead of being able to exchange them for x3 their value with reward partners, you will only be able to exchange them at x2 their value!

Less savings when exchanging Clubcard Points

Tesco have a huge amount of reward partners and these new rules would mean that customers that don't act fast will lose out on exchanging Clubcard points at x3 their value. Meaning that instead of changing £10 worth of Clubcard points into £30, as the current system allows. These same points from June 2023 will now be worth only £20!

Top places to spend Clubcard Points

So if you've got some points sat in your account, you might be wondering where to spend them, so here are my top picks!

1. Spa day!

Did you know you can convert your Tesco Clubcard points into a spa day! I converted mine into Spa Seekers vouchers, giving me three times the value as the Clubcard points and booked myself a spa day with my friends! Bliss.

2. Alton Towers

Who doesn't love a family fun day out, its even better when it's free! If you're not sure where to use your Clubcard points then Alton Towers is another great use of them. Even if you don't cover the entire cost, you can get yourself a significant discount by converting them into Alton Towers vouchers. Cbeebies Land was a great hit with our 1 and 3 year old.

3. Butlins

Did you know you can use your Clubcard Points to save money on a break at Butlins?! I feel like this is really good value and have saved mine up throughout the year to get a great family holiday with a huge discount. Top tip, we LOVE Bognor Regis Butlins, the swimming pool is fairly new and the whole park is much better than others we've visited.

These are my top 3 picks but over the years I have also used them for meals out at Prezzo, as well as a day out at West Midlands Safari Park.

Whatever you chose, don't delay!

Now is the time to move fast on this, convert them now so you maximise the amount you get for them and get something booked in! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter, to never miss out on offers!

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