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£9.50 Sun Holiday Codes

Updated: Jul 16

Here is a quick guide on how to book a £9.50 Sun Holiday, including the codes you'll need.

£9.50 sun holidays deal

If you've been thinking of trying out the £9.50 Sun Holidays but you don't know where to start then you're in the right place. I have been doing these budget friendly holidays since I was a child and have been doing them with my own family for the last few years. They're a great way to get a budget break away and you can use them in both the UK and Europe.

But first, here are the codes that you'll need!

£9.50 Sun Holiday Codes









9: F2J8

Bonus Code: GRIN

How to book a Sun Holiday

Where can you stay?


How to book a Sun Holiday

So now you've got the codes, what do you do next?

Firstly you'll need to visit the Sun Holidays website linked here. You will need to enter the above codes in order to get to the booking page. Please note, these codes will not work when booking through the Sun Savers app.

You can choose from a range of locations, across the UK and in Europe. It will allow you to book either a Monday to Friday or a Friday to Monday, budget break. In the search page you will need to select 4 of the locations that you would like to visit, as well as 4 dates which you are availble.

The £9.50 holidays sell out very quickly so be sure to try and book these as soon as you can.

Where can you stay?

There are so many parks available for you to choose from, across the UK and Europe. Don't forget to check out the parks in Italy and France and see if you could bag yourself a cheap budget holiday! There are a full list of parks available linked here.

We went to Golden Coast in Woolacombe this year on a Sun Holiday and I would definitely recommend it. Perfect location near the beach, with beautiful facilities and lots for families to do.

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