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Ultimate guide to a Eurocamp holiday

Updated: May 28

If you're wondering if a Eurocamp is right for you but you don't know where to start, well here is EVERYTHING you need to know before booking your first Eurocamp holiday.

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I am Beth, a Mum of two (Ollie, 4 and Immie, 3) and as a family we have travelled to a lot of Eurocamp's, in both France and Italy and I would go as far to say that i've become quite the expert! So i've put this easy guide together to help you to navigate trying them out for yourselves with all the hints and tricks we've learnt along the way.

We started doing these holidays as a family when I was on maternity leave and money was VERY tight. I am so glad we did, as they've quickly become our favourite kind of holiday.

If you're looking for an easy way to cut the costs on your next family holiday, then let me tell you all about it. This easy guide will hopefully answer any questions that you might have, from where to book to what to bring with you. Let's get into it...

What is a Eurocamp?

Eurocamps are effectively campsites with static accommodation, as well as camping pitches for your own tent or caravan, across Europe. I would say they're quite similar to the Haven sites you'd find in the UK, however the ones which we've been to have had far better swimming facilities than the Haven sites we've visited. They have sites in France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg and Switzeland and there are over 400 places to choose from!

They are a self catering accommodation, so you'll have a kitchen to be able to cook whilst you're away, a small living area, bathroom (i've only ever seen them with showers, no baths) and then you'll be able to choose how many bedrooms you'd like. There are often little terrace areas where you can sit and relax outside too, which we love as when the kids are in bed we can sit and unwind! There are lots of different types of accommodation, we've stayed in the basic ones, which can sometimes be a little dated, right up to the brand new beautiful lodges and i'd say you get what you pay for. The more you spend the better it will be, but I am always guided by price and getting a bargain!

To me these holidays are full of adventure and really allow our family to submerge in the local culture which we felt we lacked when visiting large all inclusive resorts. You can potter around at your own pace, without the time constraints of having to eat at set times or do set activities. There is so much to do and see, with most sites having numerous pools, water slides and lots of other on site entertainment. I can not tell you how much we love them.

Unlike a traditional package holiday, there are a few steps to consider when booking, but don't worry, I go into this in more detail below.


How do you get to a Eurocamp?

This really depends on where you're going, so let me explain a few ways which we've travelled to them before.

First up you need to decide if you'd rather drive or fly. In my experience, flying tends to be much more expensive but if you're planning to go to Italy with your children, the 25 hour drive might not be the most favourable option.

When we stayed at Pra Delle Torri in Italy (fantastic site!), we flew into Marco Polo airport and hired a car in the airport to make the hour drive to the Eurocamp.

We also flew to Nice in France and visited three Eurocamps in the South of France, La Baume, Esterel and Saint-Aygulf Plage, which is one of the most beautiful places in the word. The flight was only 2 hours and the drive to the Eurocamps were around 40 minutes from the airport.

The Eurocamp website is very helpful in located the nearest airport so if you would rather fly I would encourage you to use this tool. You can also filter the Eurocamps to 'close to airport' filters, making it much easier to find the right one for you.

But if you're up for driving, the next section explains a few ways we've got there with our own car...

Can you drive to a


Driving to a Eurocamp can be a GREAT cost effective way to holiday with your family. There are plenty of places to choose from and with a little know how you could be off on an adventure on a budget!

First option you have is getting the Eurotunnel with your car. This is by far the easiest way to get your car to France. You simply drive you car onto a train (surreal experience) and within about 30 minutes you've somehow travelled under the sea and are driving out in France.

Super easy! The kids are also allowed out of the car during the journey so you can all stretch your legs.

You can also get the ferry. This is usually the cheapest way to take your car with you so definitely worth exploring! You have a few options here. You can get the ferry across to Calais and head to Paris from here, which is around a 3 hour journey. Although it sounds like a long drive, its actually quite straight forward as its along straight A roads.

You can also get the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk which is a great route to take if you're heading to a site in the Netherlands, with the drive time at around 3 hours after the ferry journey.

We also took our car on an overnight ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo which is along the North West side of France. This was so easy for us as a family. We boarded the ferry about 8pm and then headed to our own private cabin where we got into bed and slept for the whole journey! When we woke up in the morning we got back in the car and we were in France! From here we stayed at La Grande Metairie in Carnac, which cut our driving time with two small children down a lot.

The only drawbacks to this for me was that on the return journey, you travel during the day and I personally had awful sea sickness! It was also quite expensive compared to a normal ferry, so worth checking whether it would be cheaper/easier to fly.

What to bring with you to a Eurocamp?

One thing you do need to know about a Eurocamp holiday is that usually towels and sheets are not included as standard. So you have a couple of options, if you're driving and you have space (we added a roof rack to our car for extra space as it didn't cost extra on the ferry!) then you can bring your bedding with you. Pillows and duvet's are provided, its just the actual sheets you need to bring with you.

If you don't have space don't worry, you can pay for a bed linen set which will usually include all your sheets, pillowcases, duvet set, bath towels and beach towels. We stayed a 3 Eurocamps in France in May 2024 and at that time they were £77 at each site for the bedding pack.

If you're flying, it may even be cheaper to add an extra luggage case to bring this with you, so it's worth pricing that up with the airline before booking!

Some other things i'd recommend to bring with you are laundry tablets! All the sites we've visited have laundry facilities so you can do a quick wash while you're away (parenting HACK 101!). I'd also recommend bringing lots of your snacks for the kids, as you'll be self catering, whatever you can bring with you food wise will save you money when you're there!

I also bring entertainment for the kids, from collapsible buckets and spades, to watercolour paints, all these little essentials will keep them entertained and save you a fortune in the local shops.

You are usually able to hire things like bed guards, travel cots and highchairs for small children through Eurocamp so be sure to organise this before travelling to save you having to bring those larger items with you.

Do you need to hire a car?

If you're flying, you might be wondering do I need to hire a car to do these kinds of holidays? The answer to this one isn't simple, but personally we always hire a car, but hear me out. In terms of logistics, you could absolutely get away without having a car.

If you contact the site directly before your visit they are always really helpful and will help you arrange a private transfer from the airport to the Eurocamp. Then when you're here, the sites will usually have a supermarket on site which stocks a range of fresh and tinned products and there will usually be at least one restaurant on site too.

You can also browse the Eurocamp website to see what facilities are available on site as well as how close the site is to the local town and beaches, so if you're not planning to hire a car I would just recommend spending a bit of extra time figuring all this out first to choose the perfect place!

However, we LOVE having a car when travelling to a Eurocamp. It means that you have that extra bit of freedom to explore the local area, venture out to different resturants and try lots of different beaches. Whilst we stayed in Pra Delle Torri in Italy, we took our car to Venice for the day. So for us, having a car is a really valuable addition.

TOP TIP! One thing I would say if you're nervous about driving abroad, is spend a little more money and get an automatic. We always do this as then you can concentrate on being on the wrong side of the road, without having to worry about changing gear with the wrong hand!

Do you need to clean before you leave?

You can either pay for a cleaning fee which is usually around £60 or you can opt for cleaning yourself when checking out of a Eurocamp. We have always opted for cleaning ourself, as i'm too tight to spend more money lol! So if you choose to do this, you'll need to strip all of the bedding, give the floors a sweep and mop, clean the surfaces and wipe over the bathrooms. There will be signs in the accommodation giving you instructions of what you're expected to do. In our experience as long as it looks like when you found it, there is no problem. But if you don't clean and you haven't paid the cleaning fee, this will be added on at checkout to you.

How do you book a Eurocamp?

It's really easy to book a Eurocamp holiday, you simply head to their website directly, search for the dates that will work for you and then book through there. They often run lots of special offers so its worth keeping an eye out on the website for the latest deals. They also have a low deposit option to secure your dates and then some payment options to spread to cost of your holiday.

Our top 5 Eurocamps

Here are a list of our favourite Eurocamps so far, these are ones that we have visited and tried out ourselves! You can click the links straight through to check them out on the Eurocamp website.

Keep an eye out for a full detailed write up of each trip coming soon.

I hope this has helped answer some of the most frequent questions that I get asked about Eurocamps but if you have any more, drop them in the comments below and i'll get back to you.

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2 days ago


Can I please ask which time of the year you visited each camp? I would like to visit the one in Italy but I wonder which time of the year is best?


May 23
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Really useful information thank you! I was wanting to know more about what’s provided in the kitchens on the accommodation. We’ve just been on a Hoseasons caravan holiday in the UK, and we weren’t prepared for the lack of kitchen items - no baking tray, no frying pan, no washing up sponge or tea towel. Could you let us know whether these kind of things are provided at Eurocamps, or whether we should be prepared to pack these items for our trip? Thanks so much


May 16
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is great, thank you! I know a lot of the accommodation has air con but do you know if this is in the bedrooms? Have heard sometimes it’s not. Also, what’s the price range?


May 16
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love this info thanks. I guess for us the price is much bigger due to school holidays


May 16
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love all the info you give. So excited to book our first trip with the kids this year. Will defo we trying one you've recommended.

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