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4 dates to book off work in 2023

Updated: Jul 15

We all want to make those annual leave days go further so let me show you how to use 4 annual leave days to get 10 days off work in 2023.

Due to the extra bank holiday this year for the Kings Coronation, we can use these bank holidays to secure ourselves 10 days off work!

May Day will go ahead as usual on the first Monday in May - Monday 1st May followed by the coronation a week later on Monday 8th May. So here’s the dates you need to book off to make this into 10 days annual leave!

The four annual leave dates to take in 2023

Tuesday 2nd May

Wednesday 3rd May

Thursday 4th May

Friday 5th May

This will mean you’ll be off work from Saturday 29th April until Monday 8th May - a total of 10 days off work.

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