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Christmas PJ's for £1.50!

Updated: Jul 15

So if like me you desperately want to give your children all these lovely traditions but don't want to burst the banks or spend the new year paying off your debts then stop right there!

I have done this hack for the last two years and has meant that I've been able to buy Christmas eve pyjamas for £1.50 per set! If you go into Primark you can pick up a long sleeved top which doubles up as a perfect pyjamas top, which you can pair perfectly with some bottoms you already have at home!

When I shared this to Tiktok, the response was so lovely! Lots of people also added that they often buy their Christmas PJ's in the Boxing Day sales or have a look at Vinted etc! Lots of ways to still give you children the Christmas that you want on a budget!

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