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5 Free Activities to do with Kids this Half Term

Updated: Jul 15

A guest post written by mum of two Jamie who runs the blog SavvyJamie.

With half term fast approaching, we are all pinching our pennies. Entertaining those little rascals can sometimes cost a fortune. But the key thing is, a fun day out doesn’t always have to cost mega bucks.

Here are 5 things you can do for free (or on the cheap!) with children this half term…

1. Head to your local museum

So many museums just ask for a donation, so you can pay what feels appropriate and suits you. Museums can also be so much more fun than the stereotype too, with many now having engaging activities for youngsters put on during school holidays.

2. Go to the park

See if you can find one with a variety of things going on – a pond to feed the ducks, ramps to use with bikes / scooters, a play park, a big open space, trees to climb, and if you’re really lucky – a coffee shop/ hut for you! Take snacks with you, a ball to kick around, a picnic if you fancy lunch on a bench (it’s not quite picnic blanket weather just yet!).

3. Have fun at the beach

When we think of beaches, we tend to think of swimsuits and sandcastles. But British beaches have so much to offer year-round. Don your warmest coat and hat and hunt for fossils, sea glass, pretty stones. Spot boats and sea birds. Always check the rules of the beach you are on (you shouldn’t remove stones from beaches) and also keep safe and check the tides.

4. Create a Twinkl account

Twinkl is a great free resource for parents (and teachers) and has so many downloadable activities. You just need to create a (free) account to access them. Why not download prompts for a treasure hunt, props to make your own photobooth or materials to create your own board game.

5. Create a home cinema

Pick the film you want to watch, grab some snacks and set up a home movie theatre. Have your child make tickets, if you’ve got a pretend till you can set this up too. “Pay” for entry, “buy” your snacks, and then enjoy a film together. This added twist to movie-watching just makes it a little more of an event.

What are your favourite cheap or free things to do to entertain your children?

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